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"Face of Another "Waltz"
Psyche Interlude in 3/4 part 1
Psyche Interlude in 3/4 part 2

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Richard Wagner arranged by Ayuo
Ayuo and Seashell - Prelude to Tristan and Isolde
Ayuo and Seashell - Siegfried Idyll
Guitar Music performed by Ayuo
A Language you no longer speak - an open tuning guitar solo:
Ayuo - Prelude No 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobes
Music with experimental art
Works performed at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
Ayuo - A Dream Sequence in 14 Colors Third Version
Music composed on graphic notation
Ayuo and Kiyoshi Awazu - NUDE
Acoustic Guitar Songs with Chamber Ensemble Accompaniment
Ayuo - Night in the Gallery
Ayuo - Voices In The Wind - A prayer for those swept away by the sea
風の中の声たち - 海に流されていった人々のための祈り
Music for Piano, Keyboards or Accordion composed by Ayuo
Ayuo performed by Mie Miki - Eurasian Tango 1
Film was directed by unn fahlstrom
Ayuo performed by Aki Takahashi - Just Another Stateless Wanderer
Ayuo performed by Akiko Samukawa - The Taiko Player of the Forest
A Song for Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards and percussion written and composed for a music theatre piece inspired by Jeanette Winterson's short story "Disappearance 1"
Photos by Takashi Arai
Ayuo - I Dream, I Sleep
Debussy - arranged by Ayuo
Debussy - arranged by Ayuo -Pan, the God of the Wind of Summer
Ayuo - I Cry in My Heart (Based on a melody from Debussy)
Debussy - arranged by Ayuo -the Tomb of the Naiiads
Story recitation, Dance Movements, String Quartet, and String Duo
Ayuo - Leave that place
Ayuo - The Warmth of Bodies
Contemporary Dance with music by Ayuo
コンテンポラリー・ダンス ( 音楽:Ayuo)
Ayuo - 3 Goddesses
Ayuo - Eurasian Tango 4
Music by Ayuo,choreographed by Martin Lawrance

Aoi no Ue
A Music Theatre piece based on text by the Noh playwright, Zeami
(The live version also included the text to the modern version by Yukio Mishima
CD available from Tzadik Records, and sold at amazon
Ayuo - AOI part 2
Ayuo - AOI part 1
World Music
Bossa Nova, Latin:
Ayuo - Dance of Life
(Photos by Takashi Arai)
Ayuo with Mamadou
Ayuo - snakes in mythic rhyme
Ayuo - Jaco
Ayuo's music-theatre performance of Marguerite Duras' "Blue Eyes, Black Hair"
Ayuo and Seashell - Namida
Ayuo - As You Lie Sleeping きみのねむるすがた
Ayuo and Seashell -The Lamia
Ayuo and Seashell - Anton Webern - 6 Bagatellen
Rock Music performed by Ayuo
Ayuo , Yoko Ueno (上野洋子) − A Prayer and a Modest Wish
Ayuo - Standing at the Edge
Ayuo - Song of Songs (live in 1989)
Ayuo Yoko Ueno - Lahila
Recorded live at the Kyoto Zokei University (京都造形芸術大学)
Visuals from 怪談( 粟津潔 was involved in some of the design in the film titles.)
Ayuo with Makiko Sakurai - Taiyo
from the CD "Izutsu" released on Tzadik Records and available from amazon
(Music played on Hurdy-Gurdy, Irish Harp and Sitar-Guitar with vocals in shomyo style by Makiko Sakurai. She sings a song from the Heian period with my arrangement. )
井筒 - 世阿弥の謡曲による音楽劇
A Music Theatre piece based on text by the Noh playwright, Zeami
Ayuo with Makiko Sakurai - A live performance of Izutsu part 14

Studio version recorded on the CD "Izutsu". CD available from Tzadik Records, and sold at amazon
Ambient Music
Ayuo - Shizuka ni OkiteGoran
from the music theatre "Pele - Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Earthquakes"
for String Quartet, Vocals, Percussion, Narration and Dance
音楽劇『ハワイ神話 − ペレ』より
"Ayuo and Seashell - Voices in the Wind from Pele"
Ayuo and Seashell - Your Movements Lift Me
"Ayuo - Eyes and Movements"
Ayuo and Seashell - Mahina O Hoku
Voices In The Wind - REMIX HULA Dance version

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