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 Music for Theatre
Anton Chekov - Seagull
1) Oh Light in My Heart  MP3
2) A Harp and Voice from Across the Lake  MP3
3) A Confession of Love  MP3
4) The Waiting Statue  MP3
5) The Fair  MP3
6) The Garden of our Dreaming  MP3

Music composed by Ayuo
Performed by:
Ayuo: Acoustic Guitar, Irish Harp, Psaltery
Yoko Ueno: Accordion, Vocals
Minako Kobayashi: Percussion

The three of us performed this music, each night live in the theatre for about three months. In 2007, some music from this play became the theme for a special News documentary program on television in Japan.

 Guitar Music performed by Ayuo
1) Misty Lakes  MP3
2) Solomon's Song  MP3

 Mini Music
Short music created by Ayuo for films.
(Each track is about one minute)
1) Lost Animals  MP3
2) The Garden of our Childhood  MP3

1) Lost Animals
Ayuo: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Glissando Guitar, Psaltery, Bird Whistles, Strings, Drum Percusion, Vocals

2) The Garden of our Childhood
Ayuo: Psaltery, Irish Harp

 Bouzouki as the main instrument in a psychedelic ensemble
Jaco  MP3

Jaco is a Sephardic song from what was once the large Spanish speaking Jewish community in Salonika in Greece. Although there are many Sephardic songs which were based on songs derived from Medieval and Renaissance Spain, Jaco is based on a traditional Greek Rembetika song. The music is very similar to gMy Elenistah or Your two fair eyesh, sung by Roza Eskenazi, a star in Greek Rembetika.
I play a 3-course Bouzouki that I bought in Athens in 1994. The vocals are by Sara Yoko Benito, and members of my band, Ayuo Trio, who played in many of the tracks in my solo albums gEurasian Journeyh and gEarth Guitarh, are playing with me.

The performance reminded some listeners in the audience of gWhite Rabbith and other such psychedelic songs by Jefferson Airplane. A quick listen may show you why. This song is really made for the Bouzouki.

A Stranger - Cornemuse Mix  MP3

I have always been interested in trying to create a 3D effect in music. Like a 3D picture drawn in blue and red, similar musical phrases are superimposed on top of each other. If you listen closely, the different colors of entwining modal lines may start to move.
"A Stranger" is based on a modal melody I played with Peter Knight (violinist of Steeleye Span) on my CD, "Nova Carmina".

All instruments played and recorded by Ayuo on Pro-tools:
Ayuo: Bouzouki, Sitar-Guitar, Cornemuse, Electric Guitar, Bass, Soft Synths
(Chameleon 5000, Computer Muzys (Midi sequencing), DS 404, B4, imPOScar,
Sample Tank, Dalai Lama,) Fue, Tin Whistle, Darbukka, and voice.

Ken Awazu: Low Male Chorus

 Different Tunings for the Guitar
A Language you can no longer speak  MP3

A 8:30 minutes piece for the guitar showing the various styles I use, when playing in a different tuning. The guitar here is in open C9 tuning. This piece has an introduction, two instrumental sections and a song part in the middle.
I first learned to play in different tunings from listening to Joni Mitchell and Martin Carthy, when I was in junior high school.

I once had a conversation with Peter Hammill in which he told me that he raised his three children in a small town near Bath, England because he wanted to give them a solid sense of roots. He said "I never had that because my parents were moving around constantly. In this modern age, being able to grow up with the same people in the same place is important. because that way you really get to understand people. The musicians that I toured with, and that went on to tour the States all wound up with broken homes." (He was talking about members in Genesis and King Crimson.) I said " I've never had the chance of being in one place long either. Just when I turned three, I was in Berlin. I was in Stockholm, when I was four. Then from the time I turned six to when I was fifteen, I was in New York City. Sometimes, we moved to a few different places in one year. My family members kept changing  too. I've had Iranian and English step-fathers, as well as an Irish-American step-mother."  Peter: "Oh well, for me, it was all in England."

For me, the most interesting book I've read in the recent years is Matt Ridley's "Nature via Nurture", which is a book that examines the roots of human behavior. Matt Ridley is a science journalist. He writes about how our genes absorb experiences from the society we grow up in, and our immediate environment. Scientists who study genes now believe that all human beings on the earth are descended from the same group of people that originated in Tanzania in Eastern Africa. Parts of this group started to leave the African continent from 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. The differences in the environment and how each set of people coped with it made the changes in the people around the earth. But we are still 99.99% alike.
Matt Ridley also writes about Kasper Hauser. Kasper Hauser was a man who was raised in a isolated stable with almost no human contact until he was 16. He was able to learn some vocabulary by imitation, but had a problem understanding grammar. The linguist, Noam Chomsky, had discovered in the 1950fs that the ability to learn language is inherited, but the language one learns to speak is imprinted from the society they are raised in. The same goes for culture. And that there is a time limit for this imprinting, which is up to about the time you are 15. As I was raised in various places until I was 15, reading this had quite an impact on me.

Different languages are like different colors. A poem translated into a different language often sounds very different because people can only see things through the way their culture had taught them to see and feel.

Even though my biological parents are both from Japan, the cultural influences from the late 1960fs in New York City and from step parents and my classmates will always be with me. And my culture and music, as one individual, comes from the sum of all these influences.
I believe that understanding about life science will help uncover a lot about human behavior, and that this is what we need.

Ayuo: Acoustic Guitar in open C9 tuning, Sitar-guitar, Electric (E-bow) guitar, Hurdy-Gurdy, Recorder, Vocals

Opening the Gates  MP3
A guitar instrumental in open C 9/11 tuning
Ayuo: Acoustic Guitar in open C9/11 tuning

 Music originally composed for theatre and films with the Folk Harp as the main instrument.
Theme for a Stateless Wanderer  MP3
Ayuo: Celtic Harp, Acoustic Guitar, Psaltery, Voice
Moco: Keyboards

Women who have no Gardens  MP3
Ayuo: Celtic Harp, Zheng (Chinese Koto), Psaltery, Electric Sitar, Tin Whistle Mai Yamane: Vocals

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