( Guitar, Bouzouki, Celtic Harp, Hurdy-Gurdy, Psaltery, Koto, Vocals, Words and Music )

Born October 19, 1960. He spent 1963-65 in Berlin and Stockholm and 1966-75 in New York City. He studied guitar first with Stanley Silverman and later with William Hellerman. He later studied the Japanese Biwa, Chinese Zheng, European Lute, and classical music composition. He joined gFushitsushah, an avant-garde rock group led by Keiji Haino in 1979. Since 1983, he has recorded over 15 solo albums for labels such as Midi, Epic-Sony, JVC Victor, Polygram, and others, in which he recorded with many internationally famous popular musicians such as Peter Hammill, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Carlos Alomar, David Lord, Danny Thompson, and members of Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention. His more recent music tries to show the ancient musical link on the silkroad from Europe through the Balkans to Persia, India, Central Asia, China, Korea, and Japan by exploring the possibilities of using ancient and traditional music to create new music. He now leads his own group for which he composes and plays Bouzouki, Hurdy-Gurdy, Guitar, and other instruments. In the 21st Century, he has released 3 CDs for John Zornfs Tzadik label, which are available internationally. They are gIzutsuh, gRed Moonh and gAoih. They are sold in Amazon as well as in many stores that stock World Music, Avant-Garde music and new Psyshedelic music. His most recent release is called gE no Naka no Sugatah, which was released in Japan from a label called Zipangu.

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